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It all started back in high school when my girlfriend asked me to help her craft a note to a boy she had a crush on. We called it "the Dave note", and it was a huge success, she got the guy!

Voltaire said, ”Writing is the painting of the voice." 

What is the masterpiece inside of you that wants to come out? Are you struggling to find your words? Have no fear, your wordsmith is here. Okay, that was cringe-worthy but I said it to make  a  point: 

 No one should have to resort to cheesy clichés because they can't think of anything else to say.

I've been helping people for years write blogs, books, social media posts, emails, letters and, wait for it...even online dating profiles.  I've written two plays that were professionally produced, blogs and contributing articles on various websites. I am an effective communicator and will get your message across to your target audience. 

I am passionate about the written word and the art of communication. I can take your message with your voice and turn it into a masterpiece. I look forward to working with you and serving your writing needs.

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